ARCHIVE Frequently Asked Questions- 792 Techwood

To cut down on the amount of emailing we both have to do, below are some questions tenants typically have about living at 792 Techwood Drive for the summer.


Is the house female only over summer? Yes, over summer (and during the academic year) 792 Techwood Dr is home to only women.

Is there parking available? Yes, there are a limited number of spots available that cost $200 over the summer.

How does the house get cleaned? A professional cleaning service comes 2-3 times per week to clean all the common areas of the house, including the bathrooms.

How much are utilities? So you have to pay fewer bills over summer, all utilities (water, power, gas, and wireless internet) are free.

Is there AC? Yes, there is central AC for the house.

Are pets allowed? In order to cater to tenants with allergies and encourage a clean home, no pets are allowed.

Is there laundry on site? There are washers and two dryers on the property that tenants can use for free.

How does access control for the house work? Most tenants are Georgia Tech students and use the RFID codes on their student ID cards for access to the house. Tenants that don't have an RFID enabled student ID will be given an access code unique to them to use for the front and rear entrances.


Can I lock my room? Yes, all tenants are given a key to their bedroom upon move in.

Are the rooms furnished? Because buying furniture for three months isn’t practical, all rooms come with bed frames, mattresses, a desk, desk chair, and space to hang clothes. Pictures of the furniture can be seen here. under bedrooms.

Can I live in a double or triple if I don’t have a roommate? Yes. Tenants who are looking for roommates will be paired with other women living at the house over summer.


Is there a kitchen? Tenants have access to a refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, and ice machine, but not a stove or oven.

What kitchen appliances are allowed in rooms? 792 Techwood allows appliances such as microwaves, crock pots, and instant pots in individual rooms. The only items not allowed are hot plates.


What are the bathrooms like? There are large communal bathrooms on the second and third floors that have five curtained showers, two toilets, and four sinks. There is also an individual bathroom on the third floor that has a toilet, sink, and shower, and a guest men's half bath on the second floor. Photos can be seen here here.

When do the bathrooms get cleaned? The bathrooms are cleaned 2-3 times per week by a professional cleaning service.


Why is there an application fee? In order to provide a safe and secure environment, the $30 application fee goes towards running a background check on all the tenants who stay with us over summer.

How can I make payments? 792 Techwood accepts checks, venmo, and ACH payments, which can be made with a bank routing and account number.

Is there a security deposit? Yes, there is a $400 security deposit that is refunded at the end of summer minus damages. The deposit is due when you sign a lease.

When is rent due? Since the summer rental period is so short, rent for the summer is due on April 15th.

Move In/Move Out

My job/internship starts before May 9th, can I move in before that date?If you would like to move in before the 9th please indicate as such in your application email and we will attempt to accommodate you.

My job/internship only lasts until mid July- would I have to pay for the full summer’s worth of rent? We ask that tenants who miss a part of the summer session pay for most of the time they miss. This is because it’s very difficult to find people to move in to rooms for only 3-4 weeks at the end of summer. The minimum we rent out a room for is $1500 over summer if a tenant stays for less than two months.