Georgia Tech

Whether you’ll be in Atlanta for an internship, summer classes, or just a great time, spending the summer in greek housing at Georgia Tech offers a unique chance to live in a social environment with other college students. Clean Floors & Locking Doors advertises for two properties on campus, Delta Sigma Phi, and 792 Techwood. Delta Sigma Phi is an active fraternity that leases around half of its vacancies over summer to outside tenants. 792 Techwood is an inactive fraternity property that leases its rooms to female tenants during the academic year and over summer.

Both properties are available for summer rental beginning Saturday May 10th and end their summer housing period on the 1st of August. Delta Sigma Phi can be rented out for an extra week in August for an additional $150.

Rates are as follows:
Double Room: $1400 for summer
Triple Room: $1300 for summer (792 Techwood only)
Parking: $200 for summer

Free utilities
Rooms come with bed frames and mattresses

If you’re interested in this opportunity, check out our frequently asked questions and photos for both of the houses, or visit the application page.