Have Us Work For You

We can help a house corporation that fits one or more of the following criteria:

  • The undergraduate chapter has been suspended and you need to bring in income until it can be refounded
  • Your chapter isn’t big enough to fill up the house during the school year
  • You have strong revenue during the academic year, but not over summer

Why is CF&LD able to do what property managers working with greek housing struggle with? PMs for greek life usually rely on chapters to bring in tenants. Advertising and finding tenants to fill the property is outside their core competency.

Why is CF&LD able to do what house corp members often don’t do themselves? Members of the house corporation are too busy to do the leg work of advertising and going back and forth via email with dozens of tenants in order to find one person who signs a lease.

Clean Floors & Locking Doors does not suffer from either of these issues. We exist to advertise, find serious tenants, and get paid for it.

Still here? Email me at tyler@cf-ld.com.