Indiana State- Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find the answers to some questions we get from prospective tenants.


Are women allowed to live at 730 N 6th? Yes, the property is co-ed.

Is there parking available? Yes, parking is available for free.

How much are utilities? So you have to pay fewer bills, all utilities (water, power, gas, and wireless internet) are free.

Is there AC and heating? There is separate AC and heating in each 3/1 apartment.

Are pets allowed? In order to cater to tenants with allergies and encourage a clean home, no pets are allowed.

Is there laundry on site? There is a washer and dryer on the property, both of which take quarters.


Do I get a key to my apartment? Yes, all apartments have their own keys. Access control to the building is done with a keypad.

Are the apartments furnished? The apartments are not furnished

Can I get paired with a roommate if I don't have one? No, the owners don't want to sublet individual bedrooms in an apartment to different people.


How much is the security deposit? If the lease is signed with a guarantor, $500. If not, $1000.

How can I make payments? The owners accept ACH, credit cards, venmo and check.

Move In/Move Out

When are the apartments available? There is availability starting now if you're reading this!

How long can the lease go for? The hard end date is May 31st, 2022. Shorter leases are prorated at a daily rate.

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