Our Values

At 649 Gayley, our mission is to create a great living situation for people who want to focus on THEIR mission. We do this by having beds and closet space in every room, providing breakfast (and coffee!) for those up early for work, and by handling the little things, all so that you can spend your time on the reason you’re in LA for the summer.

At 649 Gayley, we believe that finding seasonal housing should be a professional experience. That’s why we communicate in a timely fashion. That’s why we sign leases with all our tenants. That’s why we have a website with all the information you need to know about why and how we do what we do.

At 649 Gayley, we don’t believe that high tenant turnover is an excuse to do anything less than our best. That’s why we have an onsite manager keeping the house in great shape over summer. That’s why we ask for feedback from tenants after one week of summer instead of at the very end.