Georgia Tech- FAQs


Are women allowed to live at the house? Yes, Delta Sigma Phi is home to both men and women.

Is there parking available? Yes, parking at the house is available for $60 a month.

How does the house get cleaned? There is a cleaning service that comes twice a month. In addition, brothers are responsible for cleaning the common areas of the house, including the bathrooms, kitchen, and taking out the trash.

How much are utilities? So you have to pay fewer bills over summer, all utilities (water, power, gas) are free. The house uses eduroam for wifi. If you do not have an existing eduroam login, wifi is $30 a month.

Is there AC? Yes, there is central AC for the house.

Are pets allowed? In order to cater to tenants with allergies and encourage a clean home, no pets are allowed.

Is there laundry on site? There are two washers and two dryers on the property that are free to use.


Can I lock my room? Yes, each bedroom at the house has a keypad on it that only the residents of the room know the combination to. Access control to the building is done with a keypad.

Are the rooms furnished? Because buying furniture for such a short lease isn’t practical, all rooms come with bed frames, mattresses, dressers, and desks. Pictures of the furniture can be seen here. under bedrooms.

Can I live in a double/triple if I don’t have a roommate? Yes. Tenants who are looking for roommates will be paired with a roommate of the same gender.


Is there a kitchen? Because eating out every meal is expensive, tenants have access to a communal full sized refrigerator/freezer, stove, sink, and oven.


What are the bathrooms like? There are large communal bathrooms on the second and third floors that have country club style showers with private areas for changing outside the shower. There is also an individual bathroom on the second floor that has a toilet, sink, and shower. Photos can be seen here here.

When do the bathrooms get cleaned? The bathrooms are cleaned professionally twice a month and restocked by the brothers of the fraternity.


Why is there an application fee? We want to provide a safe and secure environment, and the $35 application fee goes towards running a background check on all the tenants who we refer to live at the DSP house.

How can I make payments? The association for DSP at Georgia Tech accepts checks and venmo.

Is there a security deposit? Yes, there is a security deposit equal to one month of rent that is refunded at the end of the lease period, minus damages. The deposit is due when you sign a lease.