Have Us Work For You

Every fraternity chapter goes through ups and downs. With us working for you, you’ll no longer sweat the downs. CF&LD takes away the stress surrounding whether or not the brothers will fill up the chapter house each year.


Add your info to our website – $75 a month 

Tenants care about professional advertising. Now you have a website with all your information to point tenants to. We forward you the info of every tenant who submits an application for your chapter house.

Have us refer tenants for you – 15-25% of rent collected per tenant, up to one month of rent

Clean Floors & Locking Doors:

  • Gets your information on our website and on a variety of popular housing sites
  • Handles back and forth with a large number of tenants, filtering out those who aren’t serious about renting and answering questions from those who are serious about renting
  • Collects and reviews credit and background checks of potential tenants
  • Sends out an electronic lease for you and the tenant to sign
  • Puts you or a property manager in touch once the tenant is ready to pay their deposit

Still here? Email me at tyler@cf-ld.com.