UCLA- Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find the answers to some questions we get from prospective tenants.


Are women allowed to live at 649 Gayley? Yes, 649 Gayley is co-ed housing - the fraternity is not active. Last summer we were home to 13 women and 25 men.

Is there parking available? There is not parking available directly at 649 Gayley. Many parking garages in Westwood village, which is a 5 minute walk from the house, offer monthly parking. A list of garages can be found at here. Some of the parking garages listed here offer monthly parking. It is recommended to call during normal business hours.

Additionally, there is parking available for $12 a day at the Ronald Reagan Medical Center, located right across the street from the house. Tenants in past summers have used a combination of street parking and parking in the medical center to keep the cost about the same as monthly parking in a garage, or better! Click here and Look for "Daily single entry"

How does the house get cleaned? There is a professional cleaning service that comes twice a week to clean all common areas of the house. There also is an on-site manager who takes care of the trash, and all the other little things like soap and toilet paper in the bathrooms.

How much are utilities? So you have to pay fewer bills over summer, all utilities (water, power, gas, and wireless internet) are free.

Are pets allowed? In order to cater to tenants with allergies and encourage a clean home, no pets are allowed.

Is there laundry on site? There are two washers and two dryers on the property that take quarters.


Do I get a key to my room? Yes, your privacy is important to us. Access control to the building is done with a keypad.

Are the rooms furnished? Because buying furniture for three months isn’t practical, all rooms come with bed frames and mattresses. Most rooms also have space for hanging clothes.

Can I live in a double if I don’t have a roommate? Yes. We will pair tenants who are looking for roommates with each other. Our policy is to only pair roommates of the same gender together.


Is there a kitchen? Because eating out every meal is expensive, tenants have access to a communal full-sized refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, electric stove top, sink, toaster, blender, and a keurig.

What can I cook with? In addition to the appliances above, we provide a limited selection of pots, pans, and other cookware.


What are the bathrooms like? The main bathroom on the second floor has three toilets, a group shower with four shower heads, and four sinks. There are two individual bathrooms on the first floor that both have a toilet, sink, and shower. For pictures of the bathrooms, check out photos

When do the bathrooms get cleaned? Bathrooms are cleaned twice a week by our professional service, and supplies are restocked daily by our on-site manager.


Why is there an application fee? We want to provide a safe and secure environment, and the $35 application fee goes towards running a background check on all the tenants who stay with us over summer.

How can I make payments? Upon receiving your completed background check, you will be sent a link to create a profile for our tenant portal, Buildium. You will be able to pay your first month of rent through Buildium using your bank’s account/routing numbers.

Is there a security deposit? Yes, there is a security deposit equivalent to one month's rent that is refunded at the end of summer minus damages. The deposit is due on the date you move in.

Move In/Move Out

My job/internship starts before June 22nd, can I move in before that date? We don’t offer a lot of flexibility with the move in date because DTD brothers move out on the 18th and our property management company takes several days to clean and repair all the individual rooms in the house. In the past, summer tenants have stayed in Airbnbs for a few days until they can move into their room at 649 Gayley. If you would like to move in before the 22nd please indicate as such in your application email and we’ll see what we can do.

My job/internship only lasts until mid-August- would I have to pay for the full summer’s worth of rent? We ask that tenants who miss a part of the summer session pay for some of the time they miss. If you rent a room for only A-Session (6 weeks) we ask that you pay for 2 months of rent. If you rent a room for only the first two months of summer, we ask that you pay 2.5 months of rent. This is because demand for A-Session is much higher, and it’s very difficult to find people to move in to rooms for only 3-4 weeks at the end of summer.

If you like what you hear, check out cf-ld.com/apply to get in touch!